Cross boundaries

If you have the drive, Pitt Honors can open the doors. In addition to our innovative programs, we'll introduce you to the full power of a big-city, major research university. Even as an undergraduate, you can lead independent research, discover all across the globe, or earn prestigious degree distinctions. 


Challenge yourself, and explore concepts in creative new ways with innovative courses » 

Research and project fellowships

Burning question? Bold idea? Explore it. With a faculty mentor to guide you, lead your own independent research or creative project »

BPhil degree

Upgrade any degree to the highest undergraduate distinction: a prestigious prestigious Bachelor of Philosophy (BPhil) »

Politics & Philosophy major

Get interdisciplinary training in various fields of public policy with a Politics and Philosophy major »

Scholarship mentoring

Enhance your academic plan with a unique mix of Honors experiences. Get guidance from your personal Scholarship Mentor »


Students can also opt to earn an Honors Scholar designation on their transcript. It recognizes Pitt students who exemplify the Pitt Honors values of attainment, intellectual curiosity, and social consciousness.