Personalized mentoring

Discover new opportunities (or create your own)

A big-city, major research university is rich with opportunities — including plenty that you may not even know exist! As an Honors student, you have access to them all, whether you're on a traditional academic path or forging your own. 

  • ​Could your pet project become a paid research topic?
  • How could you travel abroad this summer? 
  • What can you do now to be more competitive for a national award later? 

Your Scholar-Mentor can guide you through all that, and more. Think of them as your advisor for outside the classroom — for all of those other experiences that make the most of your time here. And that means starting a plan your very first semester! 

360° advising: Students in Honors housing their first year will be matched with an upperclass Peer Mentor. We can connect you to Faculty Fellows and who share your interests, too. If you are looking for an alumni mentor, join our Honors Mentoring group in Pitt Commons  where Honors alumni are ready to guide you through your Pitt and career journey.

Honors Scholar-Mentors:

Lesha Greene

Lesha spent 15 years designing and managing international scholarship programs for a major non-governmental organization — so she knows the ins and outs of prestigious scholarships. She's been all over the world, and is fascinated with travel. With an MFA in Writing from Sarah Lawrence College, she's also an incredible resource for personal scholarship essays. 

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Josh Cannon

Josh is a Pitt Honors alumnus himself — so he knows what it's like! He spent the last decade excavating at archaeological sites in Turkey. He was also an Arabic Linguist for the Marine Corps, and has his PhD in Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations. 

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Aidan Beatty

Aidan Beatty is from Ireland, and has published 2 books on Irish and Jewish history. His PhD is in history, so he's always interested in talking about history, religion, Jewish studies, philosophy, politics, or gender studies. He has won many competitive academic grants himself, so he can give you great tips! 

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Dave Fraser

Dave was a professor for 10 years with PhD in neuroscience, so he's a great resource for STEM opportunities. He's a global scholar who has lived abroad in Egypt, Puerto Rico, Madrid. But he also has an eclectic background including carpentry, sales, landscaping, and more. He also volunteers for the ACLU. 

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