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In Honors, this is what lit class looks like: Literature + Science 

Pitt Honors courses cut across boundaries. 

Experience topics in completely new ways: frame things in deeper historical context, read primary sources to draw conclusions for yourself, or examine your career through your favorite TV show. Every small-group course challenges you to reshape your thinking, with more hands-on discovery and in-depth discussion. 

Featured courses, Spring 2019: 

A Global History of Anarchism   Precision Medicine   Computational Methods in the Humanities   DataJam: Using big data for community good   American Politics   Rise of Islam   Emerging Biomedical Technology   Death and Healthcare   Aristotle   

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Other intriguing courses (you can take right now): 

Explore something new! We're all about intellectual curiosity. You can (and should!) take these unique Honors classes, even if they're outside your field of study:

Gender in the Workplace 

HONORS 1510, Class # 30456 // Your gender will inevitably shape the way you experience the workplace. Go behind the headlines of prominent cases and movements like #MeToo as they unfold, and explore this nuanced topic from all sides: science, law, history, economics, and more.

Health Justice: Issues for Public Health, Medicine, and Law

HONORS 1510, Class #: 28492 // Behind the veneer of America’s medical system hides a startling amount of disparity that deeply alters the course of thousands of lives. We’ll look at the implications of this inequality, and perspectives about it across professions.

Abnormal Psychology

PSY 1205 // What is abnormal? Get a broad overview of abnormal human behavior, and how it intersects with diversity. Look at the historical, clinical, legal, ethical and human sides of mental illness, with a focus on major psychological and behavioral disorders. Note:
*requires PSY intro prereq.

Social Perception and Cognition

PSY 1135 // How do we process social information? Look at the most current research and theories about the ways we create impressions, are attracted to each other, assign motivations and moral value, stereotype, and more.

Music Engineering

ENGR 0501 // In the state-of-the-art Music Engineering Lab, explore recording engineering; the physics, mathematics, and psychophysics of sound and music; and the mechanical and electronic functions of instruments. *Students should have some musical background. Preference given to upperclassmen engineering students. 

Communism: From Marxist Thought to “Really Existing Socialism”

HIST 1047 // As communist and socialist ideas regain popularity in the era of Trump, trace the history of communism from Marxist thought in the 1840s to the collapse of the Soviet-style socialist regimes in eastern Europe in the 1990s.

Photography and Art

HAA 0470 // Discover the history of photography from its development in the 19th century to the present day, and how that history connects to major trends in art, like Realism, Impressionism, Cubism, Surrealism, Abstract art, etc.


Full course list, Spring 2019

Updated 10/19/2018. We're always innovating new courses with the University's top professors. Get the most up-to-date list and complete descriptions on Pitt's registration site.  

ANTH 1601 - Structure and Function

ASTRON 0413 - Honors Introduction to Astronomy

BIOENG 1211 - Honors Bioengineering Thermodynamics

BIOENG 1218 - Emerging Biomedical Technologies

BIOENG 1586 - Quantitative Systems Neuroscience

BIOSC 0716 - Honors Foundations of Biology 2

BIOSC 1590 - Precision Medicine

BUSMKT 1041 - Introduction to Marketing Honors +1

CHEM 0720 - Honors General Chemistry 2

CHEM 0740 - Honors Organic Chemistry 2

CHEM 0755 - Honors Organic Chemistry Lab: Research Exploration

CHEM 0770 - Honors General Chemistry For Engineers 2

CLASS 1050 - Computer Methods in the Humanities

CLASS 1314 - Aristotle

COMMRC 1162 - Invention: where do good ideas come from?

ECON 0100 - Intro to Microeconomic Theory

ENGLIT 1382 - Prized Books

ENGLIT 1600 - Computational Methods in the Humanities

ENGR 0501 - Music Engineering Laboratory

ENGR 0712 - Advanced Engineering Applications for Freshmen

ENGR 0716 - Art of Hands-On System Design and Engineering

ENGWRT 1377 - Media Literacy: Writing and Reading Your Way Through the Digital Landscape

GER 1550 - Computational Methods in the Humanities

HAA 0470 - Photography and Art

HIST 0713 - A Global History of Anarchism

HIST 0753 - Rise of Islam: 500-1200 CE

HIST 1030 - Computational Methods in the Humanities

HIST 1047 - Communism: From Marxist Thought to “Really Existing Socialism”

HONORS 1510 - Special Topics: Women in the Workplace (class number 30456)

HONORS 1510 - Special Topics: Health Justice (class number 28492)

HONORS 1510 - Special Topics: DataJam: Using Big Data for Community Good (class number 31673)

HONORS restricted fellowship and BPhil seminars listed below.

HPS 1623 - Death and Healthcare Professions

INFSCI 0013 - Computational Methods in the Humanities

LING 1050 - Computational Methods in the Humanities

MATH 0450 - Introduction to Analysis

NROSCI 1003 - Honors Introduction to Neuroscience

NROSCI 1018 - Honors Neurophysiology

NROSCI 1111 - Functional Neuroanatomy Honors Practice

NUR 1142 - Professional Issues in Advanced Practice Nursing: Nurse Anesthesia

PHIL 1040 - Aristotle

PHYS 0476 - Introduction to Physics, Science and Engineering 2

PS 0200 - American Politics

PSY 0010 - Introduction to Psychology

PSY 0105 Introduction to Social Psychology

PSY 1135 - Social Perception And Cognition

PSY 1205 - Abnormal Psychology

REHSCI 1218 - Emerging Biomedical Technologies

RELIGST 0454 - Rise of Islam: 500 - 1200 CE

RELGST 1725 - Death And Healthcare Professions

RELGST 1780 - Computational Methods in the Humanities

SLAV 1050 - Computational Methods in the Humanities

Special course listings

For admitted Fellows only: 

  • HONORS 0021 - CREaTE Fellowship Seminar
  • HONORS 0080 - BE Interdisciplinary Fellowship Seminar
  • HONORS 0081 - HEAL
  • Health Fellowship Seminar
  • HONORS 0082 - THINK Interdisciplinary Fellowship Seminar
  • HONORS 0083 - ACT Community-Based Fellowship Seminar
  • HONORS 1010 - Elsie Honors Scholars Program Seminar

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For BPhil students only:

  • HONORS 1905 - BPhil Thesis Research

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