Academic Community Engagement

The only thing more important than learning is what you do with it. Use your academic talents to impact your community. 

Conduct research for local nonprofits, intern at leadning nonprofits across the U.S., and more. 

Community Research Fellowships

Students engaging in community-based research are eligible for community-based research fellowships.

Frederick Public Service Internship Awards

Get funding to support yourself through an internship at a nonprofit or government organization anywhere in the U.S. 

Service learning courses

Analyze a community issue from different angles, and apply what you're learning to support the community. 

National public service scholarships

Several fellowships are available to support students who create research projects related to the public sector. 

Honors Academic Engagement Advising

Ready to take your service up a level? Your Honors Engagement Advisor can help you design more meaningful projects that use your academic skills to drive social change. They can also connect you to organizations, leaders, and opportunities in the issues you care most about. 

Talk to your advisor, Holly Hickling:

Community resource guide: Connect with organizations around the Pittsburgh area that serve a variety of communities and social issues.